HBO’s True Detective – By The Numbers

Halfway through HBO’s new hit show, and halfway through the work week, I figured it’d be a good idea and to drop some numbers and quick facts to make sure you, the viewer, are caught up; and you’ll be able to stand out in any type of Sunday Night trivia. I’ve collected the numbers ranging from the number of victims that have been covered so far to the number of cigarettes Matthew McConaughey downs in the first four episodes. Peep the rundown and be aware of these tendencies as the show progresses.

(I forgot to count the number of prostitutes and strippers smh.)

Number of times we see character Rustin Cohle smoking a cigarette: 45

Years between the past and present: 17

Years since Rust and Marty have spoken: 10

Years Rust and Marty worked together: 7

Days between Hart and Cohle’s present day interrogations: 5

Number of times the “Tax Man” opened his book: 17

Number of times we see character Martin Hart eating his cake: 1

References to Crystal Meth and LSD: 13

References to Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola: 3

Known victims: 3; Dora Lange, Marie Fontenot, Rianne Olivier

Known suspect: Reggie Ledoux

Number of times Charlie Lange told Reggie Ledoux to STFU: 0

Number of pulse checks: 2

Bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey: 5

Allusion to the woods rescue and gun fight: 3

Pay Phones checked for fallen quarters: 2

Abrupt exits and suspicious note taking by Detectives Gilbough and Papania: 4

“We are nobody” philosophy rants by Rust: 4

Balls Maggie has busted: 3 pairs

References to Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Rita: 4

Rust vs. Marty conversation wars: Rust leads 5-2

Places of silent reflection: 1

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