Truly Yours 2 Overview

I was a fan during The Warm Up, consistent with Friday Night Lights, lost at Cole World: The Sideline Story, flame re-sparked with “Power Trip,” unphased with Truly Yours but now back on the train with the sequel Truly Yours 2.

It’s safe to say that it has been a rocky road having to do with my musical relationship with J. Cole. I remember being the first to put people on to the rapper/producer from North Cackalacky, back when he was making energetic music videos in an alley walking towards the retreating camera. Then his content began to bore me to the point where I would actually pass on new tracks depending on my mood. But now, especially after the Miguel assisted “Power, Trip,” with this Truly Yours 2, I’m back on. Let me review each of the six tracks of the Truly Yours sophomore and provide you with every reason why you’re wild loafing if you haven’t listened four times all the way through yet.

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Cole Summer

Opening up, this whole track is really a rant, thoughts spilt on the track, an ode to summer all that. Cole the producer sampled and looped Lauryn Hill’s “Nothing Even Matters” to rap and ramble over. Cole keeps it real for the entire 4:52, talking about how when he hitting the skrip club with Drake he’s throwing $4 Stacks, while Drake tosses $50K; and how he’s trying to get that minaj poppin’ with twin sisters Tia and Tiamara. It’s cool because summer is personified as that girl that you can’t leave alone. He hasn’t dropped any product in the hot season since The Warm Up, but he’s back for that action. June 25. Born Sinner. “I can’t let it go.”

Kenny Lofton

A lot of y’all don’t even know who Kenny Lofton is. Kenny Lofton used to be one of my favorite players back in the 90s, stealing hella bases with no shame. I knew this track was going to be on repeat just off the reference.

“And it breaks my heart,” the line sang by the Manhattans in “Hurt,” loops through the whole track when Cole sheds light on bailing out his brother and how the man only cares about us as athletes and dealers.

Who better to tell that story than the Snowman? Jeezy hops on as a feature and talks that street life, mentioning the Feds being outside the crib and some of the homies that have gotten caught up.

“And it break my heart. The worlds a stage, I just play my part.”

Chris Tucker

“Chris Tucker, money talk mothafucker.”

You know you winning when your main girl got that real hair. Cole out here dropping gems to: “In this cold life, the more cold you are, seem like the more the hoes love you.” Authentic truths. Deadass this track would be the club single if it came out on the album, I can already visualize people yelling out “Chris Tucker, money talk mothafucker.” Plus Tity 2 Chainz is a guest feature talking about eating expensive box and splocking in your girlfriend’s mouth.

“This liquor I been sippin’ got me kissin’ all these models.”

Head Bussa

This is everything from school to money to family to regular life. One of the good things about Cole is that he’s relatable. He went to school, got loans, has had issues and all that. You have to listen to this and just zone out. This song gives a comfort that you’re not alone in all the events you feel only happen to you.

“She told me, ‘boy you want your cake and eat it too.’ I said, ‘it’s cake that’s what you supposed to do.’”

3 Wishes

First Wish: I wish your moms didn’t struggle anymore.

Second Wish: I wish that you never saw me. I wish I grabbed the glock off the shelf.

Third Wish: Free my nigga.


The last track of the tape puts yet another scope on the life of Bas and Jermaine Cole. You see how the each of them deals with family and friends while being musical figures. J. Cole in particular talks about his cousin, who he isn’t even close with like that anymore, needing bail money, and further delves into how his face being seen in the media breeds folks with their hands out.

This final track is really a well-put conclusion on a tape that has focused on the issues and events that come along with life. June 25, I’m ready for that.

Very quality.

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