Is Drake Sending Subliminal Shots At Chris Brown, The Weeknd And MTV Over His New Track “5AM In Toronto”?

Just when it was shaping up to be a nothing filled Wednesday night, or Thursday morning, Drake unleashes the sequel to his “9AM in Dallas” freestyle: “5AM in Toronto.” Unlike his most recent song, “Started From The Bottom,” Drake lets off some slight hostility and is obviously sending some subliminal hollow points aimed in more than one direction. No names were dropped, but you can take an educated guess about who Young Champagne is talking about. I’ve broken some lyrics down down below:

Bottles and revelations sent at Chris Brown’s head.

“Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being “Frank” with you/I mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you?” (0:33 – 0:39)

It was no secret about what Drake and Rihanna had going on: kisses in public, romantic ass videos, Drake’s line over “Made Men” with Rick Ross and the note sent over to Breezy that allegedly read “I’m fucking the love of your life!” Once again Drake gives CB another reason to feel insecure. This is a dope line though. It was mad clever how Drake threw Frank into the mix, keeping it relevant with Sinatra and at the same time showing how brawlic he can be like when Frank tried to give Breezy the hands over his parking spot. We see what’s going on.

The Weeknd switching up??

“Cause I show love, never get the same outta niggas/Guess it’s funny how money can make change outta niggas for real/Some nobody started feelin’ himself” (1:00 – 1:08)

To keep it all the way 100 trillion, the only reason why The Weeknd has any sort of buzz is because Drake opened the door and pushed him through it. The Weeknd is talented, that’s not what’s being argued, but he only became known so fast because Drake tweeted his lyrics then linked his song; shouting him out. Details haven’t surfaced, but it seems as though Drake and Abel aren’t seeing eye to eye right now. Back to just OVO, no XO.

MTV can’t catch a break, nobody is fucking with this list.

“I swear, fuck them niggas this year/I made Forbes list nigga/Fuck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous” (1:32 – 1:38)

I guess Drizzy isn’t satisfied with his position on MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game VIII either. Kanye and A$AP Rocky have both shown their dissatisfaction with ranking #7 and #8, and now Drake is another pissed off customer not happy with his #5 spot. In real life, no one is going to be happy unless they’re #1, but that’s how it should be. I’m just glad that this list has gotten everyone off that “buddy-buddy” bullshit.


Shoutout to @JLaPuma for The Weeknd crying organic tears.

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