Sway Responds To Yeezy Blessing Him With His First TV And Gives Insight On MTV’s List

#YeezyRants > Your favorite MTV show. Listened to Kanye’s rant more than 10 times because it’s hilarious. The other day, Kanye called in to Hot 97 and spoke with DJ Enuff about being #7 on MTV’s┬ácontroversial list. Now it appeared that he was upset about his ranking, but really his intentions were different. He really called in just to let the world know that he gave Sway his first TV. Doesn’t care about the list, just wants everyone to know that Sway got his first TV from him.

Well, Sway hopped on his morning show and had his opportunity to retort to these allegations along with defending the list. Sway will also be bringing in this TV that Kanye gave him because for some reason, and after all the better televisions that have released over the years, he still has it. Listen down below.


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