Kanye Feels Like He Should Be Higher On MTVs Hottest MCs List

You really don’t have a good list unless it’s controversial, so when you’re getting the attention plus feelings from artists and where they rank you should be pretty proud.

Earlier today, Yeezy called in to Hot 97 and expressed how he felt to DJ Enuff about being ranked #7 on MTVsĀ Hottest MCs in the Game VIII. Kanye basically feels like he should be Top 5 and even went as far as to say that Lil’ Wayne is the greatest (#NAH).

Honestly, I’m not even mad at this rant; I actually haven’t been mad at any of Ye’s rants lately. The game’s been too nice and there’s been a lot of sugar coating. Rap is a competition. Just because you say you’re better than someone isn’t a sign of disrespect, just your opinion. I’m glad Ye is keeping it real. When that new music comes it’s going to be bonkers.

Listen down below and voice your opinion. Where do you think Kanye ranks amongst MCs of today?


(The way Ye banged on Enuff when he was done talking is priceless.)

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