New Nike Vapor Laser Talon Football Cleat

If you’ve been watching the NFL Combine then you’ve probably already have gotten a glimpse of these in action. I actually got a tip from a friend of mine that not only do Combine attendants get the latest and top gear from Nike and other vendors for $Free.99, but nike even sets up a barber shop for them to keep that low fade on point.

Back to the cleats, these are the best choice of footwear for all skilled positions. The bottom plate was made using Selective Laser Sintering and the rest of the cleat is made up of flywire and a light synthetic upper. All in all, the cleat only weighs 5.6 ounces which is basically nothing. You’ll feel like you’re wearing protective socks while you run your 40 in these. I expect to see these all over the field next season.

Don’t think if you run a 4.6 that this will magically make you run a 4.3 though. Chill.

Thanks. [hypebeast]

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