Pusha T – Wrath of Caine [REVIEW] by @DuaneKool

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            It’s been about two-and-a-half months since Pusha T hit the Red Room Ultrabar out in Vancouver, British Columbia, for an on-stage live performance. Push blessed the crowd with his first single, “Pain,” featuring Future from his upcoming album, My Name Is My Name, and also decided to hit fans over the head with some breaking news – there will be a mixtape before the album: Wrath of Caine.

As if the anticipation wasn’t enough, Push let loose two trailers for the mixtape. The first depicted everyone chillin’ around the way while two sound bites of Marlo Stanfield from HBO’s The Wire played, and the second showcased the Reagan era and a mountain of cocaine – all of this before he announced the mixtape’s release 24 hours before it actually dropped.

The intro starts off with a Jamaican woman letting it be known that Pusha T is the No. 1 artist in the rap game. After she’s finished with her praise, the Norfolk, Va., native lets all know of his return off his first line:

“The dead has arisen,” Push exclaims.

The intro served as a medium for Push to clear the air that no one is seeing him or is on his level for that matter. Plus, there seems to be a shot at Lil Wayne in the middle of it all.

“Vengeance is mine says the Lord/Throwing shots at n****s ’cause I’m bored and they whores (p***y!)/I’m Kobe goin’ for his sixth ring/While that church choir sing I’m a lean ’til they crown me king of New Orleans,” Pusha T raps.

All projects are starting to have singles so this one is no different. “Millions” featuring Rick Ross and “Blocka” were the two bangers that were chosen to scorch the blogs and get radio/club play. Both tracks have the best of today’s producers with Kanye West co-producing “Millions” and arguably today’s hottest producer Young Chop producing “Blocka.”

A different Pusha T appears when Wrath of Caine hits “Revolution.” Push goes bar after bar along this timeline of his life. From the beginning where he lived that cocaine dealer lifestyle to going through three different major labels and getting invited to Hawaii for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to now being back “full circle,” as he describes it. The “revolution” is how Pusha T survived and overthrew what CNN predicted his fate would be by the age of 21.

The Neptunes, who have always had a good working relationship with Pusha T, produced “Revolution” and it has been expected that any Pusha T track less than two minutes long will unquestionably be a standout.

The rest of Wrath of Caine holds good substance with a Harry Fraud-produced track that features the brick holding, MCM backpack wielding Troy Ave and a track from new artist Liva that Pusha T shared studio time with to make the mixtape cut.

These mixtapes have been strategically used as filler for upcoming albums and they have held fans over. It can only be hoped that My Name Is My Name lives up to the hype and buzz it’s attracting from all over.

More references and excerpts from The Wire are necessary.



Pusha T –Wrath of Caine

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