Wale – Falorin [MIXTAPE] [REVIEW]

“Word Play For Days” For the lyrical buffs, this is a refreshing drop to all the “Top” tracks in rotation these days. The fact that this is not MMG is the best thing about it. I know Ross brought Wale on deck because of what he does on the mic but still manage to drown him with “Boss Life” subjct matters, simple beats and screamin on every track.

Folarin is Wale back to his roots. Majority of the tracks are a story or a message, in true Wale fashion, then some strait songs and some bangers. The whole mixtape has a up and down feel meaning you get songs Blappin then it dies down to somethin chill. Good layout so ya ear doesnt get use to the same sound and before you know it its 5 tracks later. Decent amount of features but not obvious like some that got you thinkin “I thought this was so-n-so tape?”┬áMy favorite ft is Nipsey Hustle on Chun Li.

All in all its nada spectacular but def one to make ya mix CDs with or just pop the whole tape in and let ride. Download below.

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