Prophecy Tha KyD – “The Mills” (Produced By Chemist)

It’s very seldom that I hear a song from a local artist that gets me hype or fills me with pride.  I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s because most of the time they have horrible mixes on their tracks or maybe because they only speak on basic shit that I or no one else really cares about. This is why a lot of local artist only stay local, because they try to emulate and copy instead of being original.

Then Prophecy Tha KyD sends me this track.  He’s not speaking about hurting someone, making it rain in some strip club, taking someone’s girl, or a flashy life style.  Prophecy isn’t just putting words together because he thinks you want to hear them, or because they rhyme.  He’s telling a story.  No, he’s sharing a story, sharing a story with anyone who wants to listen.  You can hear that “It” factor in his voice with this song.  The hunger for success, to want better not just for himself, but for his family also.

It’s with messages like this, that help get artist noticed and I can only hope the best for him.  As he speaks about loyalty, trust, and the struggle, all things that many of have to fight with on a daily basis, most of us will be able to relate to what is said on this track.

This isn’t booty shaking music, this isn’t grind a chick music.  This is music you listen to when you feel you’re about to throw in the towel.  This is that fight music, this is that even though you been knocked down, you have to get back up music.  This is success music, this is hustle music, this is get more out of life music.

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