Fastest in the World…

From the least expected place in the world comes an athlete with rare ability. At the age of 16 Yoshihide Kiryu, from Japan, is a sprinting prodigy. Running the 100m in 10.19 and the 200m in 20.7, he is the fastest in the world at he age.

Most are familiar with the islands and U.S. for bringing speed like that to the Track and Field scene. And on the other end most know the Western countries to bring inovative technology to the consumer scene. But like usual, times must and always do change.

Usain Bolt has the current WR at 100m with the time of 9.58. He manage to do this at the age of 23. So with 7 years his younger, Kiryu, if he stays on this path, could bring down that record we all once never assumed possible and now assume will be a long time before it falls.

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