The Elite 51 Nike NFL Uniform

We all know that Nike has partnered with the NFL to create the new generation in uniforms. Nike has been leading the athletic world in proformance wear, pushing the boundaries and now the NFL can be appreciative of their doings.

Watching a new NFL commercial where they are in the New York Giants lockeroom and the guy is collecting the jerseys I noticed that they didnt fold on them selves like holdin up a sheet. They kept their form and you can clearly see that the material is different. Dubbed the ‘NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform,’ this piece of athletic perfection has an intergrated chassis and base system plus Flywire Thechnology. This recipie makes them lighter than ever and provides a fit that enhances mobility. As same with the pant of the uniform and socks has padding incorporated in specific areas for protection.

These uniforms were debuted via Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants in part with the opening game of the season. My Boys’ give them superbowl champs WORK , so I guess Nike got it right ha. But these joints is tough, period. They changed the rules and I feel like tha game play is softer now but I guess this is something to make up for it…not complaining. [HB]



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