Introducting Svbscription. This NY based company is a parcel service for men that delivers a box with items ranging from design, cul­ture, tech­nol­ogy, apparel and entertainment. These said to be “exclusive, rare and unique.”

The thing about this service is that you dont know what you are getting untill the box arrives. The box looks exactly the picture above and is delivered every 3 months and you can register for a full year worth or you can go month to month.

Each package that arrives has a different theme which isnt revealed untill the ship out date. These are designed for people with a  appre­ci­a­tion for qual­ity, design and lux­ury. They work with a variet y of companies and brands and are out to service men with things that arent trending on social networks world wide. And with the price of $300 It sounds worth it to me. The last picture s[HB]

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