The Neighbourhood – “I’m Sorry” EP and Documentary

those of you who actually read my posts know about my ongoing obsession with The Neighbourhood. well, they finally dropped an EP and im fucking stokedddddd. i havent listened to it yet because im being a dork and i want to hear it while im driving, but the band is fucking dope and i know you wont be disappointed.

i think it’s become more and more difficult to establish a credible, successful band, mainly because of all of the media outlets available to us. there’s always some song by some band in some wherever doing whatever, but what better a way to introduce yourself than through a dope ass documentary? these cats are ill.

The Califournia 


If you missed them in previous posts, check out the videos for Female Robbery and Sweater Weather:

Female Robbery

Sweater Weather 


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  1. Amanda says:

    Loving the “I’m Sorry…” Ep. check out this piece on the band here:

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