G.O.O.D. Music Covers Complex Magazine

When it come to music groups these days, hands down G.O.O.D. Music takes it in all aspects. In the name of their group says it all…GOOD Music, which is what a lot of groups these days are missing. MMG, mostly one genere of music besides maybe Wale whos the most lyrical. YMCMB is jus ASS all around now…smh. With G.O.O.D. Music you have some of the most influential, respected, and lyrical artists in the game. From dues thats been doin it for the longest i.e. Common, Q-Tip, John Legend, to the rest of the group that contribute just as strong!! Regardless if erry track that gets put out that not all of them are on it but you now the behind the scenes is a collective thing. All that talent in one room on one common goal!?!?! FUCK?!?! shits crazy, the outcome.

the G.O.O.D. Music fam has yet to show they full potential I beleive. But I think this album, Cruel Summer, will be so fuckin legendary…[no words] Cudi comment says it all to explain the basis of the group and why they work so well:

What does G.O.O.D. Music mean to you? Cudi: With all due respect to what these guys said, I think we’re missing the main point, which is that we represent honesty, in all aspects. Ain’t nobody fake. Ain’t nobody phony. Niggas are who they are. Everybody is who they are around each other. We’re real. I’m not in other crews. I don’t know how other niggas live, but I know right here that’s one of the main things we represent: honesty and realness. You can just hear it in the music. This ain’t no cookie-cutter shit.

And I kno some ppl will try to say what about the beef and members dropping videos toegther n shit. Well its still a business and them tracks been layed down a while back and been contracted to shoot a video and thats that. When thats all said and done, its about the camp. Period.

I could go on n on lol but ill let previous work, music, movies and future work, Cruel Summer speak for its self. Anyone can rap a song. Anyone can write 16 over a hot beat. But not erryone in the game are artists and G.O.O.D. Music has the best artists in Hip Hop today. Bout Time Complex did this article! Check out [DNC] to see video of the photoshoot.

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