SB Dunks Are Getting Retroed Now – Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Retro ‘Danny Supa’

At First When I Think Of SB Dunks Being The New Branch Of Retroed Sneakers I’m Like “Damn, They Ran Out Of Ideas”, But At The Same Time I’m Like Fuck It Because These Are Leveled. The ‘Danny Supa’ Was The First Legit SB Dunk That Dropped In ’02, A Decade Later We Are Seeing This Clean Shoe On Someones Marble Kitchen Table…I’m Wit That. The Release That’s Traveling Around Screams Out “Fall…2012…Wear Me” Very Seductively, But You Know How These Things Go. Stay Tuned.

P.S. Hurry Up With The Supreme Release!

via Highsnobiety

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