Teyana Taylor At The Premiere Of Kanye’s ‘Cruel Summer’

It was only a couple weeks ago I remember talking with Shane, Duane, and David about this girl.  We were discussing her move to G.O.O.D. Music, scandalous pictures of her released, and her look.  Then she came out looking like this! O_o

I’m going to have to agree with Shane on this one, I think she’s cute.  And that body!  Oh that body…lol. Personally for me you could have the cutest face in the world, but if your body is lope sided you’re not going to do anything for me.  Looks fade over time so your young pretty face isn’t going to stay young and pretty, but your body.  If you continue to workout and eat right you could end up having an amazing body well into you 70s.

But let me get back on track, she looks good.  Her outfit is nicely put together, it gives her a since of sex appeal, with a touch of classiness.  Her dress definitely flatters her “assets”, but doesn’t give too much away at the same time.

Her heels were a nice touch, the gold matches her belt, necklace, earrings, and other accessories nicely.  The taupe works will with the creme/white color of the dress and the red in the back gives an added bit of “passion” to the whole outfit.

All in Teyana, rose a couple more notches in my book.

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