Game Of Thrones Review: A Man Without Honor 5/13

Such an appropriate title with Theon still running wild throughout Winterfell, Debo from the 13 of Qarth turning on 11, and the homie Jaime Lannister controlling Catelyn Starks feelings; Honor is the last things these dudes even care about.

Theon kills me though, this man is wilding for respect. “It’s better to be cruel than weak,” you don’t live that life. He had the sneak that fat man just to drop him and always looks at the same dude for approval for what he’s done. The man can’t lead, and I doubt those kids at the end that were all burned up were the Stark boys. Only a matter of time til he gets his.

Shoutout to the only black dude this far in the series bagging that fine silver haired khaleesi. Straight up stole her dragons, killed her peoples, and got the dude that ate too many purple grapes to do some magic tricks and trap her. That’s Texas trill, Texas trill.

But Jaime Lannister is the realest on the show. My man got no heart! Coooooooold blooooooded. How you going to listen to your distant cousin speak on how much he admires you, then bash his skull in. That’s how you get ahead in these magical mediaeval times. Laying in your own feces might do that to you though, I’d be ready to do whatever to get up out that pen.

Catelyn Stark always wants to have these little arguments with Jaime like he cares or like she’s not ready to get outsmarted. Jaime only cares for self so she should’ve just chilled in a tent with she 6’5 she-man. “You have no honor,” Ha! Lol Dead Ned had no honor, Jon Snow reminds you everyday. That’s Texas Trill, Texas Trill.

Speaking of Jon Snow, he’s got to be the dumbest character on the show. How do you get outsmarted and tempted by your own captive, that should’ve been killed in the first place. On the real, him volunteering to work that wall is dumb on its own. That’s like me checking myself into a maximum security prison to make license plates. It’s dumb. Now he’s the prisoner and since he was itching so bad to have someone to talk to, they all know he’s from the House of Stark.

The relationship between Tywin and Arya is becoming interesting. He’s kind of looking to her as a daughter in a way, but hopefully that doesn’t soften her up. She’s still behind enemy lines in danger on a regular basis. She has to get out of there.

And judging from the previews, it looks like Cersei got her hands on Tyrrian’s main squeeze. She was cool as hell too. Pulling blades on other hand servants just for Sansa. She’s down, I hope she doesn’t get put down though.

We’ll see next week. Shoutout to Jaime again “Where did you find this beast?”Lol too funny.

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