When King Tut was in office, the young Pharaoh was dipped in gold. From his throne to his wine cup, nothing was short of lavish. Now, with everyone flaunting their power, gold is on top again. It’s dominating the economy with rising prices and invading the media with your favorite celebrities wearing gold rings of power and multiple chains on a day-to-day basis. A favorite because it’s luster, gold is the trend again and appears all throughout ASAP Rocky’s ‘GOLDIE’ in the dopest and stylish of ways. Here are the items from the video that are Au’d out.

The cover to the official single of Long.Live.ASAP¬†features Rocky with his grill in. If you’re around Baltimore you can get your gold fronts at Golden Brother on 227 North Howard Street. Prices start at $200 and go up.

Chain Gang with a Jesus piece. You can go to any gold dealer to get your neck heavy, there’s usually a wide selection of chains and charms you can bless yourself with so you can either go the Christianity way or get something custom.

Gold Rolex Day-Date. This Swiss made timeless piece is considered a status symbol throughout the world and Rocky effortlessly wears the gold piece on his wrist. You can hop on eBay and purchase a used one with prices starting at $18,000 or you can head over to the Rolex website to locate a dealer.

Versace has been another brand that has been back on the up with for the first time in a while they came out with a profit of $12 million for the 2011 fiscal year. We all know the vintage Versace frames were popular at one point, but now all attention is being moved to the rings. Rings are a power indicator, and this gold Medusa head represents all of that. Prices break $1,000 for the 18K gold. Find your local Versace dealer here.

Maison Martin Margiela Mirror Sneaker. No laces. Sizes 7, 8, 10, and 12 are available now over at Barneys for $680.

The iconic metallic gold Ace of Spades bottle from the Champagne Cattier house. You can find this at your most popular liquor store…behind the counter. Prices vary, wholesale you’re looking at $225/bottle, and in the club you can expect to see commas.

I have no idea how ASAP Rocky got the ‘Golden Gun’ from N64’s Golden Eye. That’s wild.

Safe Sex. Hit the corner store or your local grocery store and you’ll find these across from the tampons and lube. The 12-pack will run you about $8-$9.

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