I was deadass gonna catch some zZz’s before typing this up and expressing my opinion about this, but I couldn’t get my mind to chill with the wild news that I unfortunately predicted.

Back in August of 2011, GQ released the news that Jay-Z owned (later disputed, labeled a “partnership”) the manufacturing and distributing rights of Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club brand. For any fan of BBC, Ice Cream, Bape, or Pharrell for that matter this comes as disheartening news.

The exclusive brand that distributed limited quanties, that I even labeled as timeless classic pieces, has been put into the hands of Jay-Z who’s resume of surviving brands isn’t what you’d call impressive. But what my real fear was the decline of quality, the lost essence that each piece had, and how my heart would drop if I witnessed a BBC tee being sold in the mall. Me and the homie @TheKidFresh had a conversation about this and how this move couldn’t and wouldn’t lead to anything good, unfortunately we were correct.

The reassurance that Hypebeast and GQ had given didn’t put my mind to ease that these pieces would not be sold in department stores. I just received news today that BBC clothing is now being distributed in DTLR. And coming where I’m from DTLR is the one shop where people OD on clothes, make them whack, and eventually their name is tainted and they are removed for good. GQ? Hypebeast? I hear crickets. ZzzZZzZz…

Now people may look at my title, call it misleading, whatever the fuck. I’m not saying Jay-Z is Jack the Ripper or the Son of Sam in the sense that he’s killing people. I’m saying he’s the fucking HITLER of clothing brands. He’s got his hands on mad lines and fucks them up completely.

Who remembers or even knows what Artful Dodger is? Thought so. This is another brand that was found in DTLR, but was later removed. Jay-Z bought the Artful Dodger brand for $15 million and did not a fucking thing with it because that shit is not hot, it’s not swag, and I don’t even want to call it extinct because I don’t acknowledge its existence to begin with.

Rocawear. Nobody wears it anymore. It was hot when Dame was operating with him, and that was when button-downs and shit were popping too. But catch someone wearing some Rocawear now and it’ll be the same as someone rocking FUBU. That shit is played out and almost dead. Jay-Z, who has never appeared in any of the Rocawear ads or commercials, is obviously getting desperate so to move some product he has a whole ad centered around him. Don’t see that working though.

And now we have BBC. I used to argue people to the death about how fresh BBC was. I was just as passionate about BBC as I was, and still am, with BAPE. But I mean peep how they’ve changed as of late. $80 tees are now $50-$60, $300 hoodies are now $150, shirts, accessories, all that have drastically changed in price and that affects exclusivity, something the brand and the people prided on. Yeah it was expensive, but that’s what made it cool as fuck. But now prices have been cut and you’ll see every anybody rocking BBC that they copped from DTLR. I wouldn’t even wear that shit to bench press now.

Not even mad at Pharrell, I don’t know the backstory, and I fuck with dude. But Jay-Z’s business ventures, the ones that are reported, never pan out as they should. The 40/40 club is even struggling. I feel like Jay-Z needs to leave this street wear shit to us, keep pushing Ace of Spades or something.


#RIP Billionaire Boys Club


Vlog coming later today. Hit me on twitter —> @DuaneKool

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3 Responses to Jay-Z The MURDERER

  1. Taylor says:

    I’m a Jay-z fan but i knew it was bad news when i heard BBC and Jay-z’s name in the same sentence. I happened to witness a BBC shelf in DTLR but it didnt seem to be doing to well. I also saw on hypebeast that the price was dropped14%. I still have faith in the BBC line because it hasn’t done well in the mall maybe it can continue to be successful as an exclusive brand once again.

  2. Dat Kid Killa says:

    Gotta a lot of good points but you facts are off.he has done rocawear promotion an 40/40 is actually doing good its exclusive an gets rented out for big bucks…and you still rock BABES? Sorry but that’s like rocking an expensive southpole…

    • DuaneKool says:

      He’s done promotion, but never an actual commercial in the past. And the 40/40 is still alive, yeah, but it took a hit when its Vegas location closed and the one in New York constantly struggles with health inspection. Placing one in the Barclays Center was definitely a smart move though.

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