Kanye West Ready to Wear Line

Paris Fashion Week is a big deal. Why? I havent the slightest clue to be honest. Mainly because all you see is the most outrageous clothing styles thats presented as something you expect people to actually wear. Hmmmmm. Well thankfully thats only one half of it. The other half is the ‘Ready to Wear’ portion; A separate week to present the clothes that will actually get sold!

We all heard of Kanye jumping into this word and he’s been consumed in the portion of un-wearable-on-a-daily-basis fashion but it has intrigued me to see what he will have in store for his ‘Ready to Wear’ line. It could go 50/50 and be up there with other top European brands such as ‘Givenchy’ ‘Commes des Garçons’ ‘S2A’ or it could just be some shit lol While im out here I hope to get to see this reveal live but if not im sure ill get the details on where its being sold and get the first hand look. Kinda leanin towards his line to be iight. Ready to Wear Fashion Week is Feb. 28- March 7th, we’ll see what happens March 6th. [Hypebeast]

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