Ross diss goes unmentioned?

If you haven’t given Rick Ross‘ new mixtape “Rich Forever” mixtape a listen you need to re-evaluate your life. Not because its crazy lyrical or Ross is talking about something other than the “White“. It deserves a listen off of the production alone. They say Ross has an ear for beats and from listening to this i know why. Back to the task at hand though. While everybody is waiting to see what happens with this new Common and Drake beef, there has been beef that has clearly never been squashed still brewing. While Listeing to the mixtape “Rich Forever“, I happened to listen to the self titled track featuring John Legend. Everything was going good, beat was bangin, John Legend on the chorus with the vocals, Ross was being Ross and then 2:22 happened. Yes, 2:22 happened. At 2:22 Ross starts his bars off with “your shit pushed back cuz it ain’t buzzin”. Ok, there is only one rapper right now worthy of Ross mentioning and that is Jeezy. I thought this beef was sweeped under the rug but apparently Ross wants to be the only rapper in this lane of “White“. He continues in his verse with “can’t talk snow, where the soft at?/ your man got murked, but you squashed that/ hope you know what we call that/ i think you know just what we call that”. Ross went in!!! So while yall wait on that Drake diss, im going to be waiting to see Jeezy‘s next move.

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