HBO’s True Detective – By The Numbers

Halfway through HBO’s new hit show, and halfway through the work week, I figured it’d be a good idea and to drop some numbers and quick facts to make sure you, the viewer, are caught up; and you’ll be able to stand out in any type of Sunday Night trivia. I’ve collected the numbers ranging from the number of victims that have been covered so far to the number of cigarettes Matthew McConaughey downs in the first four episodes. Peep the rundown and be aware of these tendencies as the show progresses.

(I forgot to count the number of prostitutes and strippers smh.)

Number of times we see character Rustin Cohle smoking a cigarette: 45

Years between the past and present: 17

Years since Rust and Marty have spoken: 10

Years Rust and Marty worked together: 7

Days between Hart and Cohle’s present day interrogations: 5

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[New Music] Drake feat. Soulja Boy – We Made It Freestyle

It seems like Drake is still building anticipation for the Hit-Boy produced “Trophies,” but for now we get the Soulja Boy assisted “We Made It” to hold us off. The T. Dot rapper opens up with a Kenny Powers excerpt about all them “fixingssss” he’s about to receive after opening that Tatters & Tots kiosk where you can get ya mini fried potato bullets with a side of breasts, and like Kenny Powers, Drake is on a winning streak. The theme? Victory. Slap the SoundCloud link under this paragraph.

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J1GSAW (@ITZJ1GSAW) – Where You Belong [VIDEO]

New music out of Staten Island. This time around, J1GSAW lets out a more personal track dedicated to his late grandmother Bunny Capuano. Starting from wake up, we see how he maneuvers through the day with the thought of a loved one who is no longer with us on his mind. Video above, download link here.

Make sure you grabĀ In The Zone off datpiff and follow @ITZJ1GSAW

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Restock on Major Releases

These restocks have been confirmed for 5/25/13 as well as some Nikes……

Fire Red 5’s

Bred 13’s

White Cement 3’s 88’s (online only)

Bred 11’s

Grape 5’s

Thunder 4’s (Finishline only)

White Cement 4’s (at certain Footlockers and House of Hoops)

Your Welcome…….

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Pusha T drops visuals for Numbers on The Boards

Pusha Ton drops visuals for the Don Cannon and Kanye West produced track. With bars like “I might head butt ya….Evelyn” you got to give this song a spin. Pusha’s album “My Name is My Name” drops July 16th. With songs like this we might finally get what we have been waiting for.

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Hammer of the Gods Red Band Trailer

Shows like “The Vikings” on History Channel and “Game of Thrones” on HBO are popular right now. Its only right for some movie company to try to build on this growing buzz. People want to see bloody scenes with swords and axes swinging and decapitating people. The movie “Hammer of the Gods Red Band” gives the people everything they want to see. This trailer is definitely not for the squeamish. Enjoy…….


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Trailer for “The Forest”

The days of of those blocks jumping around the screen are non-existent and the gamers of today don’t even remember those days. In this trailer for “The Forest”, you crash landed on an island and pretty much have live life like the movie Cast Away which includes gathering supplies and building a camp. Hold up, your not the only thing on the island and you have to protect yourself from it. Video Games are like movies and I like what I see.

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Jay-Z – 100$ Bill

I’m about to be late for work smh. Oh well, film soundtracks are actually good again! Django Unchained set the tone with getting artists such as Ross, Lonny Breaux, John Legend and more for their soundtrack; and now the Baz Luhrmann film seems to be following suit. Listen to that new Jay-Z down yonder and take ya girl to see The Great Gatsby May 10. If she try to play you in front of Leonardo DiCaprio though you gotta fire her.

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New Yeezy Album Or Kim K Due Date?


Just woke up, and like usual and grab my 5 to respond to all the people that don’t respect my sleep and tweet a couple lyrics. While on twitter, I peeped a Yeezy tweet and because these come and go I retweet without question.

June Eighteen?

That’s gotta be an album or a new-born infant. If it’s an album I’m hype because I’m seeing him June 9 and he might do some off the chains shit. If the date means Kim should be pushing an actual human out of that box then shoutout to the two of them.

Her fine ass.

Anyway, I gotta get ready for this mid-shift up Nordstrom. Moving handbags and shit.


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